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Anonymous says:

A great sci-fi flick. It’s three interesting stories woven into one feature length film. The premise is gripping when you fully understand what is going on.The style of the film is quite slow but it doesn’t become a slog because it drip feeds information and lets the viewer figure out what’s happening behind the scenes. The way it’s shot makes it clear that there are three periods of time, each unique enough from one another to not be confusing.The overall theme is the unintended effect…

Anonymous says:

It’s a goodie! Wow, refreshing to see something so thought provoking. Love being surprised by new ideas even if I’m now freaking out!! Good stuff.

Anonymous says:

Confused. No clear story line. Only after reading a more detailed plot summary elsewhere, I got that this is supposed to be 3 story lines of 3 people in 3 generations (no idea in what order or which bit belongs to which story line). And what’s the message of this film supposed to be? don’t get it.

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